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With its elegant lines and pleasant, refined and exclusive design, Sweety is ideal for offices and home. Sweety is extremely reliable.

​Not only that meet the desires for coffee lovers, but its system with capsules easy to handle allows to make many other hot beverages such as cappuccino, hot chocolate (is equipped with a device on the side that allows you to prepare frothed milk or hot chocolate). Sweety device is also very easy to use, is only necessary to enter the capsule, to press the button and enjoy your favorite drink in relaxing break.

170,00 OMR



Technical details:

• Supply voltage: 230 V/50Hz
• Appliance power: 1100W
• Pump: 48 W /230 V
• Material: ABS+PC
• Water tank capacity: 2000 cc – 2l
• Power cord length : 1m
• Function exclusive with Bokato capsules with unique dose
• Manual loading capsules
• Hot drinks distributed by a push of button
• Possibility of direct water connection
• Automatic evacuation capsules used in the collection tray
• Two programmable cup sizes: Ristretto, Espresso or Large
• Hot chocolate button
• Mixer for milk foam
• Drip tray and capsule receptacle(removable)
• Used capsules container capacity: up to 15 capsules
• Compartment has a storage capacity of up to 15 capsules
• Dimensions : 20 x 26 x 29 cm (W x D x H)
​• Weight- 6kg


A short presentation to guide you in the first use of your coffee machine



Maintain the quality of your coffee by descaling your machine

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