Un espresso care te seduce de la prima inghititura cu notele sale delicate de fructe iar prospetimea..


A delicate coffee blends with a pleasantly intense aroma and full body. The flavor is strong and int..


Arabian coffee with cardamom Unul dintre cele mai scumpe condimente din lume cu parfumul sau inte..

Decaffeinated coffee

Decaffeinated blend with a distinctive aroma, which thanks to the decaffeinating process retains all..


A special hot chocolate with a velvety and aromatic taste, an energizing and delicious drink in any ..

Tea time Black tea

A dark tea prepared from fresh tea leaves that have been fully fermented before being dried. Enjoy t..

Tea time Moroccan tea

Robust green tea with refreshing spearmint. This exciting and refreshing blend of Chinese gunpowder ..


Coffee with soft and round aromas, with floral and chocolate hints. Its acidity is expressed in a re..


Sweet, balanced and medium body mixture. The delicate acidity blends with the aroma in an amalgam of..


Balanced blend with a freshly acid texture, characterized by a light bouquet of spices and a pastry ..


A selection of fine Arabica coffee from Columbia balanced by a touch of Robusta from Asia. A blend w..


An excellent 100% Arabica coffee blend from Columbia. Elegant aroma distinguished by delicious notes..


A roasting coffee with an intense aroma, typical Italian tradition. An espresso with an enchanting b..

Puro Arabica

A coffee 100% Arabica with a precious and delicate flavor, as a journey to the origins of taste. The..

Bio Organic

In total harmony with nature, this blend of carefully selected coffee from organic agriculture from ..

Chocolate & orange

Delicate and flavored with fragrant notes of orange, a mixture of cocoa Magro and milk mixed harmoni..

Creme brulee

A delicious flavor of cream and caramelized sugar with hints of cocoa nuts and vanilla. Ideal to be ..

 Black tea

It is a traditional blend with a strong and robust flavor, made from the best quality of Assam – Ind..

 Black tea & lemon

This black tea has a strong and intense taste with fresh and fragrant notes of lemon. Its delicate t..

Green tea

Naturally pure and delicious, clean tasting tea enriched with antioxidants. Indulge in our pure gree..

Green tea & lemon

It's a refreshing and distinctive green tea with notes of lemon that can be drunk even in the aftern..


Delicate and flavored, a mixture of coffee, milk and chocolate mixed harmoniously. It has never been..

Coffee latte

Coffee and milk in one capsule .The flavor of coffee is combined with a delicate touch of milk, whic..